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Brewferm: Wheat Beer (Wit) bobthebrewer April 30th 2021

Brewferm Wheat Tripel

Brewed as instructions on the tin. Spot on again, true to style, it does everything a wheat beer should. I can't fault these Brewferm kits, they have to be the best available.
Brewferm: Ambiorix bobthebrewer March 6th 2021

Belgian Brown

Belgian Brown, perviously Ambriorix, rebranded, it's the one with Super Saison yeast.   Brewferm have updated their range of brews and they now have varietal yeasts that come with the kits.  Super Saison yeast is a super attenuator. (diastaticus)

Brewed with no mods, instructions on the tin followed. Excellent results. This is a highly attenuated brown ale that manages to give a balanced profile despite the 8% abv and the limited amount of residual sugars. You could mistake it for a 4% beer.

Perfectly balanced bitterness with strong hints of acidity, it works all the way. Five star rating for me, i'll be going back for some more.


Woodfordes: Woodfordes Wherry Bitter bobthebrewer February 16th 2021


Wherry, 1st rebrew since 2013. Not overwhelmed, in your face caramel, some bitterness, makes me think of a toy beer, a facsimile.


4 star all the same, outha tin intatha bin & youn got beer.


couldn't  be easier 

Brewferm: Raspberry (Framboise) bobthebrewer January 7th 2021


Done Kit & Kilo wise, no mods.  Lovely balanced beer at the end, raspberry background with some hop bitterness that blends beautifully with the sweeter red fruit.  A spot of home-brew that compares very favourably with commercial beers even though this one is not entirely like the dessert raspberry beers that I have found on the supermarket shelves. Brewferm Framboos is a beer first, it tastes like beer with raspberry in it. 

Five star for me, excellent, straight out of the tin no mods, home-made beer within 3 - 4 weeks and it is just SO easy.

I was so impressed, I went out and bought another two tins, the last batch just disappeared.



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